Lease verses Outright Purchase

Let’s take a look at the different ways in which you can purchase equipment such as aesthetic equipment like the Elits by Beehive Solutions Miniecosmo system.

The main ways in which you can obtain aesthetic equipment are 

  • Outright purchase 

This is where you use your own funds the purchase the equipment from the supplier. 

  • Finance agreement 

This can be any form of finance such as a bank loan, hire purchase agreement of lease purchase agreement. 

  • Rental Agreement 

Renting Aesthetic equipment is also an option but is not always available for all equipment. This is generally because the expense of new Aesthetic device means that the price of renting is most often higher than the price of purchase. 

At the Aesthetic Market we can offer multiple ways in which you can acquire some of our equipment. The systems that are on our used aesthetic equipment directory can only be bought direct from the seller and that is for you to discuss directly with them. 

Your own finance is generally the easiest way to purchase any equipment as that does not involve you providing any of your personal details to a finance company. Sometimes the best deals can be had because it involves less work for you and the supplier. 

You may need a bank loan in order to raise the finance and this can represent a very good way to fund, so long as you have a good credit rating with the bank. You may be able to either obtain a personal loan or a business loan depending on your current status. 

The Aesthetic Market can also recommend finance companies that are specifically cater for aesthetic equipment in the form of lease purchase or indeed hire purchase. This is generally the most popular way of financing especially for larger purchases. 

The finance companies that we work with have a range of options that you can discuss with them including:

  • 0% finance 
  • Low deposit deals 
  • No deposit deals 
  • 2-5 year terms 

Remember the bigger the deposit the less your monthly payments are likely to be 


All the finance companies are independent for the Aesthetic Market so if you can find a better deal then why not. 

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