It’s worth listening to advice from the experts

Any aesthetic equipment or aesthetic device is not only a big decision but generally an expensive decision and one that really shape your future in terms of business and revenue.

Make the wrong decision and it can destroy your business and destroy your reputation,

Make the right choice and you could be opening multiple centres and spending 6 months of the year abroad, relaxing.

It is important to consider a few in making your decision

  • What do you want the equipment to do?
  • What is the potential revenue from the equipment?
  • What treatments can I offer with the equipment?
  • What are the market trends?
  • What is the cost?
  • What is the training?
  • What is unique?

All of these decision are important plus many more in deciding the equipment of choice. This will be further discussed in our download guide for essential advice of purchasing equipment.

You may also want to consider finance and is further discussed in our download of financing equipment.

One of the most important aspects of any purchase has to be training. What is on offer and what is the support. Too often in the aesthetic world training is purely on the product for a few hours by un qualified trainers.

Here at the Aesthetic Market we offer accredited training course with certification and qualifications at the end of it, including core of knowledge training.

Please see our section on Aesthetic Training.

An aesthetic piece of equipment can cost anything from a few hundred pound to tens of thousands of pounds so it is important you make the right decision. You may also be able to pick up second hand pieces of equipment from our sales directory.

At the Aesthetic Market, we have in depth knowledge of different technologies available, different products available and as a result of the large number of clinics we work with, access to advice for many aspects of aesthetic purchases. This allows us to discuss what is good about a particular piece of equipment and potentially what is not so good. There is no charge for our advice we just believe you will come back to us time and time again because of what we can offer.

All equipment has good points and bad despite the manufacturer saying there is the best because that is their job. So speak to a company that cares, that relies on their reputation to sell equipment.

There are different areas of aesthetics such as:

  • Laser and IPL market (please see laser market) 
  • Body contouring market which is rapidly expanding 
  • Injectables
  • Surgery 
  • Hair and Nails 
  • General beauty such as waxing, massage 

We at the laser market cover in detail the body contouring market whilst our sister site deals with laser and IPL. We also have some general products. 

For more information on equipment suppliers see our Suppliers pages, or to discuss your needs further please feel free to Contact the Aesthetic Market.

Remember; the more clinical applications your systems can perform, the greater the potential client base and the lower the chance you will have difficulty in paying back the purchase price. Instead you'll see satisfied clients, with massive cross-sell potential leading to a healthy profit. 

The Aesthetic Market is dedicated to helping you make an informed decision


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