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The Aesthetic Market is the sister site to the "Laser Market" - a one-stop shop for all things laser and IPL. 

Here at the Aesthetic Market we focus on aesthetic equipment.

We have the UK's premier guide to buying new or used aesthetic equipment; as well as rental & part-exchange options. We also offer the opportunity to sell your aesthetic equipment though our Aesthetic Device Sales Directory, or indeed to purchase aesthetic equipment.

We have a range of aesthetic equipment and devices available and have a wide range of resources where we can source the equipment if we don't have it. This can range to the new "future of face and body solutions" Elits by Beehive Solutions miniecosmo to long running established equipment like the lipolite range.

We have our own equipment for sale but we are also here to offer advice and help on your purchase should you need some independent advice. All this leads to learning the good and bad of many different aesthetic devices on the market today to help enable you to make an informed choice.

As well as offering our own range of equipment and accessories, such as our cosmetic range, at the Aesthetic Market you can also obtain second-hand equipment directly from the seller using our Aesthetic Device Sales Directory. This cuts out the middle man and allows you to potential snap up a bargain.

We also have our approved training providers who provide on going support to our own clients but also to customer who have existing equipment but insufficient training.

And, we can also offer maintenance and service work for a range of technologies and equipment such as radio-frequency

The Aesthetic Market can introduce you to providers of a range of accessories, such as cold-air patient-cooling systems, suction (extractor) units, cosmetics, collagen shots, microdemabrasion, consumables and much more.

As well as aesthetic devices and equipment we can also provide a range of IPL and laser equipment through the Laser market .

Please Contact the Aesthetic Market to find out more or purchase our equipment.


Exclusive offer:

When you purchase a qualifying device directly through the Aesthetic Market, you'll receive one of our Marketing Support Packages, worth up to £1100.

Download full details here.

(This offer does NOT apply when purchasing a system from the Aesthetic Market Used-Device Sales Directory).