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Marketing your Aesthetic clinic, beauty clinic, GP practice or medical clinic is probably both the biggest challenge in setting up a successful clinic. You can have the best equipment in the world but if no one knows you have it then why would they come to you?

Marketing is just as important as choosing the right equipment for your business.

Marketing is a vast subject and a jungle to navigate. Here at the Aesthetic Market we are by no means experts but want to be able to offer you a little advice as to the do’s and don’ts.

What to do first?

In order to market correct in the right forms and at the right levels you need to know what your market is so step one is to establish your target market. This will depend on many factors that include: 

  • What level of service you want to offer high end?  Or quick, fast turnover? 
  • Where is your business based?  Is it mobile or static? 
  • What is the competition offering? 
  • What is the area crying out for?
  • Is there something the competition is missing? Body contouring, Facials?  Et c etc

This will not only dictate what market you are going to appeal to but also what equipment will best suit your purpose.

Once you have established your target market and obtained your equipment this is the basis of a sound business plan.

To help with answering all these questions you need to do research 

Step two is Research! 

This is also really part of step one but the the idea is simple, know what you are talking about. 

You need to research other clinics in the area mobile and static. What do they offer, what are their pricing? Is there something they don’t offer? 

Talk to people who live around the area? What do people want if they are to go to a clinic? Privacy? Parking?

Remember all advice is good advice and is only bad advice if you let it be!

It maybe you have an idea but you are picking the wrong place for that to be successful so be adaptable, remember you area n business to make money. There are of course many different ways in which you can obtain the information you need. 

  • Websites 
  • Social media 
  • Trade shows 
  • Magazines and journals 
  • Word of mouth 
  • Friend and family 
  • Banks 

This brings us to step 3 which is to form a business plan

A good business plan is made up of three main areas: 

  • Set of goals 
  • Reasons these goals are attainable
  • Plan for acheiving these goals 

So how to Set goals? 

You need to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve mainly in terms of income to make your business not only viable but also successful.

This involves having a clear picture of the costs involved so you can determine your break-even point. For example some of the cost you will need to take account of are:

  • Cost of the equipment 
  • Cost of premises (if static) 
  • Utilities such as electric, gas, water 
  • Setting up the clinic, couches, furniture 
  • Do you need staff 
  • Clinical insurance 
  • Building and equipment insurance 
  • Accounting 

Are these goals are achievable? What makes you think you can make the business a success? 

If you have seen other people doing it and it looks easy the chances are it isn’t and is not that simple to achieve. 

You need to think about you as an individual or partnership. Do you have experience in the sector you want to work in? Do you have business experience? What level is your training? What are you going to put in place to help make these goals and ideas achievable? Is your equipment a good one? Do you have a client base? 

All these questions plus more will help you build up a comprehensive list of answers as to why the goals you have set are achievable.

Lastly, what is the Plan for researching these goals

This is part of step 2 and involves you doing market research in your chosen business area

A good business plan is lots of research and not just “ I looked on the web” , “ I went to a trade show and a salesman told me it was a good idea” 

Remember to get numerous quotes for everything you do not just believing the first person. 

All this information will help you build a good business plan and get your business off on the right setting but that is just the start of it.

This gets you to the business stage but now what happens when you open your doors or prior to opening your doors. 

Marketing! The key to any business good or bad is marketing. You need to think about the most cost effective ways in which to market your business and you could invest in a marketing advisor to help with this process as get it wrong your business may well fail, gt it right and your business will flourish. 

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