Do you know where your Aesthetic Device has come from?

When you buy a piece of aesthetic, medical or beauty equipment, you are making an investment in your business.

It does not matter if the equipment you are looking to buy is an entry level system of has a price tag indicating a top of the range purchase; you need to understand what you are getting for your money, if it is value for money and, equally importantly, what you are NOT getting.

One of the most important aspects is the manufacturer.

More and more end clients are asking their clinic, salon, therapist etc, where the equipment has come from?" Who has manufactured it? What controls are in place?

Many machines are actually bought from the Far East, re-badged and sold as if they are made in a different place! This is not illegal - just immoral. If you have trust in your brand name, trust your manufacturer what need is there to mis-lead?

Unfortunately the saying “you get what you pay for” is generally true in this industry. You have to pay for quality goods and quality service and you own it to your customers to demand the same from your supplier.

Look for extended warranties without having to pay extra for it. This means you supplier is backing their claims with this offering. Nearly all equipment has a 1 year warranty but who offers more?

It is also worth considering what happens if the equipment does break; are there spares available in the UK? Is their engineering support?

At the Aesthetic Market, we can offer repairs, servicing and advice of your equipment, but it is a varied wide and varied market so it does depend on the manufacturer and the technologies involved.


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