miniecosmo multi-technology Aesthetic Platform

The miniecosmo from 'Elits by Beehive Solutions', is a multi-technology aesthetic platform-system for Face, Body & Beauty.

The miniecosmo can have to 4 technologies in a single portable unit, with the option of a 5th technology (Ondomass Shockwave - for treatment of cellulite and stretch marks) in a separate linked unit.

The miniecosmo offers multiple unique benefits:

  • 100% Italian
  • Portability
  • Accredited training course with Diploma and CPD points
  • Laboratory-tested Cosmetic range to enhance results
  • Face and body treatments in one device

The miniecosmo will maximise return on investment for all users, including mobile therapist, beauty clinics, aesthetics clinics and doctors.

And with a fully accredited training course included in the price of the 4-in-1 and 5-in-1 devices; the miniecosmo is the only system on the market to offer users the chance to truly understand vital aspects of collagen, skin, fat, & cellulite; to not only maximise results but also to deliver safe treatments.

Why not arrange a free demo? With in 20 minutes of the demo you will see why the miniecosmo is the best on the market.

The Elits miniecosmo can incorporate:

  1. Radio-frequency
  2. Transdermal Electroporation
  3. Photo Bio-stimulation
  4. Ultrasonic Lipo-Cavitation
  5. Ondomass Shockwave (Acoustic wave) Therapy


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Up to Five Treatment Technologies

The miniecosmo, from Elits by Beehive Solutions, is a true multi-technology system, incorporating up to 5 distinct technologies in a single device.

Each technology has been optimised to provide the best possible stand-alone treatment, whilst also being ideally selected to offer a range of interconnected treatments where each technology supports and enhances others.

Depending on the clinical case; you might choose to treat with anything from a single, up to all 5, of the available technologies, on a single treatment area or on multiple regions across the body and face.

Don't want to purchase so many technologies?

   The miniecosmo could not be more adaptable and can be purchased with a single, two, three , four or all five technologies included.

The technologies are:

  • Multi-polar Resistive Radiofrequency
  • Transdermal Electroporation
  • Ultrasound Lipo-Cavitation
  • LED Photo Bio-Stimulation   &
  • Ondamass/Shockwave Therapy.

Full details of the various treatment technologies are given below


Multipolar Resistive Radio-frequency

One of safest, non-invasive, anti-ageing treatments available today and suitable for all skin types and colours.

Multipolar Resistive Radio-frequency is a non-invasive technique to reduce cellulite and skin laxity, by stimulating new collagen production. The result is a reduction in volume and a long-lasting skin-tightening effect, whilst giving the sensation of a warm massage.

Radio-frequency provides partial or total heat treatment which stimulates collagen production, tightens the skin, contours the body, reduces fat and contributes to the treatment of cellulite.

The Elits Miniecosmo provides a choice of 3 multi-polar resistive radio-frequency hand-pieces, with 2, 4 and 8 poles.

The hand pieces are interchangeable and all three come as standard.

3 Radio-frequency Applicators - 2, 4 & 8 pole

Although any of the hand-pieces may be used on both face and body; it is recommended to use specific hand-pieces for the selected body area, to maximise the efficacy of treatment.

What is Multipolar Resistive Radio frequency?

Redio-frequency uses electro-magnetic waves, which penetrate into the tissues, creating heat at the cellular level.

With multipolar radio-frequency, the electrical hot and cold poles coexist on the same hand piece. As a result, the area of activity is limited to the distance between the hot and cold poles.

The depth of penetration of the RF depends on the working frequency.

The 8-pole hand piece has a frequency resulting in a greater depth of action than that of the 4-pole. The 2-pole hand piece is intended for face applications, so its working frequency will generate an even more superficial penetration.

What does Radio-frequency do?

The fundamental consequences of this heat is:

- Vasodilatation: Dilates arterioles and capillaries in the tissues, blood flow increases, therefore bringing a greater quantity of oxygen and nutritive materials, associated with an increase of metabolic waste, increased metabolism, tissue oxygenation and reduction of local oedema.

- Lipolysis effect: the increase in temperature leads to a metabolic splitting of the triglycerides that pass through the cell membrane entering the bloodstream.

- Denaturation and shortening of collagen fibres: there after we have a stimulation of fibroblasts and a greater production of new collagen.

-Increase in the elimination of waste products: The increase in endogenous heat allows a greater removal of metabolic waste.


Transdermal Electroporation

Transdermal Electroporation -

A pain-free, non-invasive, technique to introduce cosmetic products through the epidermis where they can have maximum effect.

Transdermal Electroporation uses modulated electrical currents to optimise body, face and breast treatments; by delivering active skin-care agents through the skin surface to the deeper target areas where they have maximum effect.

The application of a minute electrical impulse to the skin, which momentarily disrupts the cell membrane allowing the entry of the cosmetic product. When the pulse ceases, the membrane returns to its original structure, leaving the retained product that has been penetrated into the cells.

Transdermal Electroporation can be used for a wide range of applications and is effective for cellulite, muscle-toning, sebum-regulation and anti-ageing treatments.

The Elits Miniecosmo is supplied with 2 applicators for Face and body.

Transdermal applicators

The face and body hand pieces are interchangeable.

Although any of the hand-pieces may be used on both face and body; it is recommended to use specific hand-pieces for the selected body area, to maximise the efficacy of treatment.

Each has a working frequency from 1600Hz to 2100Hz

What is Transdermal Electroporation?

Injecting natural-cosmetic products within tissues, is definitely the most effective way to convey the active ingredients in these substances. Obviously this is an invasive technique, where small and medium-sized problems can occur with bruises , injuries , etc. and is therefore a practice reserved exclusively for appropriately trained doctors.

Transdermal delivery is a technology that allows you to convey soluble substances with high molecular weight (eg, hyaluronic acid, etc.). modulated by specific electrical impulses.

The range of products that can be used is very broad. They are prepared by extracting natural products and cover many types of imperfection.

How does Transdermal work?

Research carried out on the resistance of the skin produced significant indications on the physical dynamics of the epidermis.

In practice, the epidermis is so effective in protecting us that it is as if the whole body is wrapped in a waterproof film. So when we apply creams and water-soluble products, the absorption into our tissues is very minimal. Typically the product will stop in the earliest stratum cornea slightly penetrating through the channels of the sweat glands and follicles.

Applying controlled electrical pulses, the skin lowers its resistance, allowing the entry of substances and products in solution.




Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Lipo-Cavitation

An outstanding tool for body sculpturing.

Ultrasonic  Lipo-Cavitation is a non-invasive treatment for unsightly fat and cellulite reduction.

Fat often assumes abnormal proportion in areas such as the thighs, hips arms, stomach etc. Non-surgical lipo-cavitation uses low frequency ultrasonic waves, delivered through the skin’s surface, to break down this excess fat.

No pain is felt. No incision is required. And there is No recovery time.

Results in stimulation of the micro-circulatory system, increased muscle-toning and a better absorption of anti-cellulite cream.

The Elits miniecosmo is supplied with a Cylindrical body hand-piece, providing a treatment face of 33mm x 55mm diameter

Ultrasonic lipo- Cavitation applicator

Frequency of treatment: 1 Mhz. 


What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Cavitation is a technique to create ‘bubbles’ filled with steam (or gas), which contract and expand within a liquid subjected to a suitable ultrasound field.

These cavities or bubbles then implode, producing a violent internal force.

How does Cavitation work?

The collapse of the bubbles causes shock waves, or pressure waves, which can be extremely intense, capable of acting on neighbouring structures and on the most delicate ones (endothelial cells & fat cells rather than more solid one such as connective tissue & bone).

Cavitation is particularly effective against fat cells, which are ruptured during treatment allowing their contents to be drained away by the lymphatic system.

In general, there is a defined working frequency at which cavitation is most effective. ELITS systems optimise this frequency, to maximise the Cavitation effect.

The physical and chemical parameters that favour the Cavitation:

  • ultrasonic frequency
  • amplitude of the acoustic signal
  • temperature of the liquid
  • vapour pressure
  • surface tension of the liquid.

The temperature has a significant influence on the Cavitation, because it alters the vapour pressure.

If the temperature increases, the higher vapour pressure facilitates Cavitation. It is therefore recommended that, where possible and applicable, a combined treatment with a radio frequency is performed.

The effect of Cavitation in the fat acts as follows:

The effect of Cavitation, with the formation and implosion of gas bubbles, generates impact energy that contributes to fat deposits breakdown.

The implosion of the micro bubbles formed by Cavitation, against the very fragile membrane of the fat cells releases the contents of the fat cells (adipocytes).

This waste product, being a lower molecular consistency than the cells themselves, can penetrate and be absorbed by the micro-circulation (lymphatic system). For this reason, Cavitation it is best combined with a session of lymphatic drainage, to help the body to expulsion the fat in liquid form.


Photo Bio-Stimulation

Photo Bio-Stimulation

Also known as LED Light Therapy. LEDs emit monochromatic light of a predetermined wavelength (colour), which when exposed to the skin can result in various beneficial effects.

The clinical response is due to the absorption of energy from the LED light which occurs within photo receptors present in the skin. These orchestrate the cell recovery process allowing a variety of different treatments starting with anti ageing, acne treatment, pigmentation, rosacea, psoriasis and many more.

All of Elits Radio-frequency and Trasndermal applicators provide Photo Bio-Stimulation effects, during the primary treatment. This ensures optimum results, without extending treatment duration

Multiple photo bio-stimulation applicators

Shockwave (Ondamass) Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Also known as Ondamass and Acoustic Wave Therapy -

This is a new, yet incredibly successful application for successful treatment of cellulite, skin tightening, improvement of blood and lymph circulation, treatment of weak connective tissue as well as collagen production.

“Ondamass” (Shockwave) therapy results in substantial improvement to local blood circulation and also stimulates the production of collagen. It strengthens the Dermis and Epidermis. As a consequence, skin and connective tissue becomes more toned and compact, and regains its natural elasticity, giving visible, lasting, improvements in skin texture.

Shockwave (Ondomass) Handpiece

What is Ondomass (Shockwave) Therapy?

Ondomass is a system for the generation of energy-rich, pressure mechanical pulses, on the superficial tissues.

They are used in aesthetics in the treatment of cellulite, accelerating the lymphatic flow, activating and accelerating the metabolism.

One positive side effect observed during treatment is that the skin in the treated area is smoother, compact compared to untreated areas

How does Ondomass work?

OndaMass changes the instantaneous pressure on the tissue. As a result the molecules begin to oscillate, producing an increase in vascularization and metabolic processes.

Due to the accelerated blood and lymphatic circulation, activates the destruction of fats: Elastic fibres are reformatted and there is a visual improvement in Skin.


Miniecosmo - multi-technology system by Elits before
Miniecosmo - multi-technology system by Elits after
Miniecosmo - multi-technology system by Elits before
Miniecosmo - multi-technology system by Elits after
Miniecosmo - multi-technology system by Elits

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Before and After Images

Click on the details below to see before and After treatment images

  • Gluteus
  • Cavitaion and Ondamass - single treatment


  • T/d, R/f, OndaM, Cavi - 3 treatments
  • Transdermal, RF Ondmass 5 treatment
 before image
 after image
 before image
 after image
T/d, R/f, OndaM, Cavi - 3 treatments

Benefits of the miniecosmo

Sales Package

For a limited time only, both the 5-in-1 and the 4-in-1 miniecosmo systems come with a comprehensive sales package which includes:

  • The chosen Elits miniecosmo system
  • Delivery and Installation
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty
  • Transportation wheeled suitcase for moving between treatment centres
  • Cosmetic Stand
  • Cosmetic Products Package - worth over £1000 (see below)
  • Accredited training course through the Academy of Advanced Beauty for two people, including CPD points.  (see below).
  • Full product training course
  • One year Free insurance  (subject to conditions)


This comprehensive launch package is available for a limited time only.

Don't miss out.


Single, Dual & Triple Technologies

If you don;t want the full range of technologies incorporated in to the 4-in-1 and 5-in-1 miniecosmo systems, you can save money with the purchase of a miniecosmo tailor-made to just the modalities you need.

The Ondamass Shockwave Therapy is readily available as a stand-alone system. Select this link to ONDAMASS for full details.

In a similar fashion, a miniecosmo incorporating just the Cavitation technology is available for a similar price, with training dedicated to obtaining maximum results from the system, while ensuring client safety.

If you are looking for a slightly more comprehensive system, Cavitation can be combined with either the Transdermal or Radiofrequency (both of which incorporate Photo Bio-Stimulation as standard) to give a triple technology system.

Alternatively, since the Transdermal and Radiofrequency technologies incorporate Photo-BioStimulation as standard, each can be obtained in isolation as dual systems, or can be combined together in to a triple technology system; which is of particular interest to those who concentrate on Facial treatments.

Full details of these various combination systems, including price details can be obtained by contacting us

Accredited Training

Purchase of a miniecosmo through Elits by Beehive Solutions includes full, comprehensive, accredited, training through the Academy for Advanced Beauty.

The training course covers:

  • Health and safety, hygiene, 
  • Adipose tissue and collagen (RF)
  • Adipose tissue and cellulite (Cavitation)
  • Skin barrier structure and function (Transdermal)
  • Electromagnetic spectrum (LED)
  • Science behind RF, Cavitation, Transdermal Electroporation and LED
  • Colours and effects of LED and conditions treated
  • Benefits of Treatment
  • Area for treatment and duration
  • Safety, risks, side effects 
  • Clients realistic expectations
  • Clients consultation
  • Treatment plan
  • Contraindications and after-care
  • Demonstration of treatment on live model
  • Advice on how to combine treatments 

Purchase of the 5-in-1 system also includes 

  • Adipose tissue, cellulite, including Cellulite Grading
  • Science behind acoustic wave therapy
  • Area of Treatment and Duration
  • Safety, Risks and Side-effects

Each course includes Core of Knowledge requirements and provides CPD points.

Such is the comprehensive nature of these trainign packages that they are independently accredited through both the Guild of Beauty Therapists and Professional Beauty Direct, with the latter providing free insurance for the first year of cover

Elits cosmetic product range.

To get ultimate value form the Elits miniecosmo system, as well as use as stand-alone products for daily use; Elits have produced a range of essential cosmetic products available at trade prices for resale to your clients and for use during miniecosmo treatments.

The unique products have been designed for Face and for Body use.

For The Face:

REA - Basic Line

  • Rea Cleansing Milk
  • Rea Toning Lotion
  • Rea A.H.A. Peeling
  • Rea Enzymatic Peeling Phase 1
  • Rea Enzymatic Peeling Phase 2
  • Rea Make-up Remover for Eyes & Lips
  • Rea Brightening Peeling

 Rea cosmetic product range

ASTREA Oygenating Line

  • Astrea Oxygen Mousse
  • Astrea Oxygen Concentrate
  • Astrea Oxygen Mask Pods

Astea cosmetic product range

TEIA Intensive Anti-age Line

  • Teia Anti-age Mousse
  • Teia Filler Effect Concentrate
  • Teia Anti-age Cream
  • Teia Anti-age Serum
  • Teia Eye Ccontour Cream
  • Teia Anti-aging Mask Pods

Teia cosmetic product range

SELINE Moisturising Line

  • Selene Sensitive Concentrate
  • Selene Sensitive Cream

Selene cosmetic product range

ESTIA Skin Regulating Line

  • Estia Skin Regulating Concentrate
  • Estia Skin Regulating Cream
  • Estia Skin Regulating Mask

 Estia cosmetic product range

For The Body:

REA - Basic Line

  • Rea Guarana Scrub
  • Rea Guarana Cleaning Peel A.H.A.
  • Rea Osmocontroller Concentrate
  • Rea White Mud

Rea cosmetic product range

ASTREA Oxygenating Line

  • Astrea Oxygen Concentrate

Astrea cosmetic product range

MAIA Firming Line

  • MAIA Firming Cream
  • Maia Firming Concentrate

Maia cosmetic product range

TALIA Reducing Line

  • Talia Perfect Body Concentrate
  • Talia Perfect Body Cream

Talia cosmetic product range


Rental Schemes

If you want to enjoy the benefits that the miniecosmo will bring to your practice or salon, but are not in the position of being able to purchase outright, or obtain financing for a lease purchase; the Miniecosmo is also available as a rental device.

Both the 4-in-1 and the 5-in-1 miniecosmo systems can be rented direct from the UK distributors - Beehive Solutions.

Minimum rental periods and additional terms and conditions apply.

Please contact us for further details and prices.


Beehive Solutions is Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) - Reference Number 722977, and Authorised to provide regulated products and services.


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