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There are some fundamental aspects associated with any business and making it a success:

  • The right equipment
  • The right location
  • Marketing
  • Training

At the Aesthetic Market, we take training very seriously and we are committed to offer you a range of solutions for training needs regardless of if you have bought a product from us.

We are seeing a large increase in the number of aesthetic and beauty treatments being offered throughout the UK and worldwide and that number is still growing.

With the increase in treatments come new and exciting advances in technology. With these advances and us pushing the boundaries the dangers associated are also increased.

With the correct training for the correct piece of equipment not only are you ensuring safe practice but you are also ensuring you give your clients the best possible results whilst limiting the risk to your business. 

Here at the Aesthetic Market we have teamed up with a range of experts to offer the very best of options for a multitude of training solutions. 

Our approved trainers include:

The Academy of Advanced Beauty (for beauticians and aestheticians) and Academy of Advanced Aesthetics (for Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals).  The prerequisite for all training courses offered by the above Academies is either qualification in the medical / para-medical profession or to beauty level 3 or equivalent level. For those who cannot meet this initial hurdle, they offer a 3+ foundation course.

The Academy of Advanced Beauty / Academy of Advanced Aesthetics offers your business the chance not to only learn about the individual technologies such as radiofrequency and cavitation but also the core knowledge needed to understand the reaction of the body and best, safe practice.

This is taken to a new level with the launch of the Elits Miniecosmo by Beehive Solutions. This is the first equipment in the field of body contouring to offer accredited training with all the products, which means you get a Diploma at the end of it and CPD points if you are medical.

The demand for aesthetics treatments is on the rise as everyone wants to turn back the ageing clock and look better. This means aesthetics treatments are now being offered by a variety of different sources such as :

  • GP’s
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Aestheticians
  • Beauticians

But are they qualified to offer these treatments an d at what level? Most importantly ...

Are they safe ?

Unfortunately training differs from place to place with little or no regulation but this is changing.

Whenever you buy a new product you need to check what training is included and at what level? Is it good enough to be doing cavitation on patients with just a few hours training? Cavitation in the wrong hands is very dangerous! 

There is also an influx of cheaper imported equipment that as well as not been correctly checked they are sold on places like ebay to anyone regardless of training or if they are safe to operate. 


There is no regulation in the buying or selling the machines which has seen a flooding of the market of cheap imported systems that do not meet CE regulations and do not offer sufficient training, if any training at all. 

It is you, the end user, that needs to ascertain if the equipment is safe to use, if your training is correct and enough. If not contact us at the Aesthetic Market and we are happy to help. 

For the sake of safety and treatment efficacy, the person providing treatment, regardless of whether they are a doctor, a nurse or mobile therapist should have:

  • Core of Knowledge training. 
  • Specific NVQ level training or equivalent
  • Product training

Please read our specific training pages on what we can offer at the Aesthetic Market.


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