LED training face and body

Led light therapy has been around for years in the beauty and aesthetic industry. The power of light at different wavelengths is clinically proven to provide different health benefits and different applications. LED therapy is used either on its own or in conjunction with other therapies and is often also known as photo-biostimulation.

To read more about Photo Bio-Stimulation please see our Treatment Information pages.

To read more on the value of light visit our associated company LED Aesthetics.


Here at the Aesthetic Market we have teamed up with quality training provides to be able to provide this training to the

  • Beauty industry recognised by Professional Beauty Direct and the Guild of Beauty Therapists
  • Aesthetic and medical industry, which leads to a Diploma and CPD points for the clinician

This course is normally delivered at our training location in Cambridgeshire but can also be delivered at your premises if the needs arise.

Pre-requisite:                        Medical professionals or aesthetic practitioners

                                         Level 3 beauty or level 2 with foundation course

Available as

  • a 1 day, short course which will qualify you for insurance cover; for just £499     or
  • a Level 4 Accredited course for £1,099

In order to graduate, students will need to pass a final written examination to assess their knowledge and understanding, and to pass a practical observation performing the treatment in full, including client consultation and aftercare.

A Diploma will be issued after completing the 1 day short course

For Level 4 courses; after completing the practical session, students will be asked to complete four case studies and a 5,000-word assignment in order to complete the course.  The price includes all the course materials, examinations, practical sessions and the accredited course certificate

Teaching material is provided after booking the course. For both  the short & accredited course, Students will be expected to have read full teaching manuals prior to course commencement

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What will the course teach you?

LED light therapy is a totally non-invasive treatment using purely the power of light. The power of light at specific wavelengths can be harnessed for different applications, such as to help renew skin, repair and heal, skin rejuvenation, reduce symptoms of acne. It can also be used to improve recovery time in conjunction with other treatments. One of the major advantages of this natural process is to help reduce blemishes and pigmentation,

The skin absorbs the light and uses it as a source of energy to deliver the benefits, safely and effectively.

LED therapy is a very gentle process that is suitable for all age types and skin types.

There is very little risk, side effects and recovery time with this treatment.


To view a face mask primarily designed for LED treatment; take a look at the OPERA LED facial mask.  


Course content for LED training course

  • core knowledge
  • Health and safety and data protection
  • Confidentiality, privacy
  • Hygiene and sterilisation
  • Equipment maintenance and set-up
  • Led light and spectrum of light
  • Different colours of LED
  • Benefits- anti-ageing, therapeutic, body
  • Applications
  • Expectations
  • Combination treatments
  • Suitable areas
  • Consultation, contra-indications, skin sensitivity, treatment times, safety, risk, side effects, recovery and after care
  • Treatment protocol
  • Live demo
  • Hands on


Students will be expected to have read the full full teaching manuals (supplied upon payment) prior to course commencement.

You can book this course direct through the Aesthetic Market. If you book direct with the Academy; be sure you mention the Aesthetic Market to ensure you receive our discounted prices and any course-specific promotional benefit.

Remember we can also tie courses together to save you time and money.