Why sell your Aesthetic System through the Aesthetic Market

The Aesthetic Market utilises a wide range of experience in multiple sectors of aesthetics, medical and beauty. This has allowed us to build a cost effective solution to aid In the sale of your unwanted aesthetic equipment and devices. 

Most equipment has a re-sale value and the value of the that is dependent on the equipment in question, the supplier, the condition, the usage and the demand; a bit like a used car value.

Many clinics start with equipment then want to upgrade it or, if it does not work for their business, sell it on.

That is where we come in! 

The Aesthetic Market has a cost effective solutions for you. 

The Aesthetic Market has a unique sales directory where you can advertise your unwanted equipment to potential customer looking for such equipment. It works similar to other websites that deal with sales only that it is focused into the aesthetic market, so very specific. 

This allows you to sell old equipment, unwanted equipment, used equipment, new equipment & refurbished equipment direct to potential buyers with only a one off advertising fee. No middle men, No hidden charges. 

Our role is to list the product for you. It is up to you to give as much relevant information as possible such as:

  • Make and Model
  • Age of System
  • Service History & Usage
  • General condition
  • Sale Price 
  • Any useful selling points or factors a potential buyer needs to be aware of.
  • A Photograph of the System for Sale 
  • Your Name, Address and other Contact Details 

We can help you through the process if you need our assistance. 

Once you have submitted the promotional and contact details, our team will provide you with payment details and check the entry and, once everyone is happy, post your entry live to the Aesthetic Market Sales Directory.

We can make amendments to the price and other information whenever you require. 

Interested parties will contact you directly to discuss the equipment and its potential purchase.

The listing will remain live for minimum of 3 months unless you tell us otherwise or indeed you sell it. After three month, you could re-list for a reduced fee, or look at alternative options. 

The Aesthetic Market will take no commission fee from the sale, with payment being organised directly between yourself and your buyer.

The Aesthetic Market is acting solely as an advertising platform, unique to Aesthetic systems.


At a cost of £150 + VAT (special introductory offer) for up to 3 months of promotion, can you afford not to advertise to all these potential buyers?

Add your used Aesthetic Device to the sales directory now.


The Aesthetic Market is UK’s premier independent authority on all things Aesthetic.


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