Original OPERA LED facemask with Galvanic current - SOLD

We have an OPERA LED facemasks for sale, complete with display/support stand and control panel.

Fully functioning and less than 2 years old

An excellent LED facial treatment, with the additional benefit of built in galvanic current treatment if required.

Operates @

  • 630nm red light + 830nm Infra-Red
  • 415nm blue light + 830nm Infra-Red
  • 630nm red light + 415nm blue light (sequentially and together) + 830nm Infra-Red

Endorsed by celebrities and clinical experts around the world!

Promotes skin rejuvenation, promotes body's own anti-microbial response, helps stabilise sebum-secreting glands and reduces the appearance of redness and blemishes.


No longer required as we have purchased alternative equipment that does the same job.



       OPERA & Stand