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LED Aesthetics is no longer operating. 

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LED Aesthetics provided state-of-the-art leading LED devices to the UK aesthetic, beauty and medical industry.

The first product in the LED Aesthetic range is the OPERA LED mask from GTG Korea, the best-selling brand around the world in facial LED masks.

The included treatment modalities of the OPERA Mask include not only multiple wavelengths of LED light, but also Galvanic Current technology, optional oxygen therapy and the addition of Hydrogel mask offers a wide application range with excellent value for money.

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Product Range

Hydration face masks

Hydration face masks

Deep Hydration (OPERA) facemask

2-piece Deep Hydration facial mask, with the added benefits of Lavender & Hyaluronic acid, for stand-alone or LED therapy

(As supplied with the OPERA LED facemask)

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'OPERA' LED Face Mask

'OPERA' LED Face Mask

The OPERA is a comprehensive skin-care mask for the face, equipped with low-power LED photo-therapy, Galvanic Current therapy and optional Oxygen therapy.

The ergonomic design has been created to maximise energy transfer to the skin, whilst ensuring safety and energy efficiency are improved.

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