An innovative multi-function device for the beauty and tonifying of the body, the SLIM p ACT® is a device for Aesthetics Professional applications.

Elits SLIM pACT is a multi-technology platform combining upto four technologies for professional beauty:

  • Resistive Bipolar Radiofrequency,
  • Photo Lipolaser,
  • Electrostimulation Kotz wave,  and
  • PressoMassage 

All treatments other than the PressoMassage are delivered through the same treatment plate, while the Pressomassage provides external pressure on upper and lower limbs and the abdomen.

Elegantly designed, the SLIM pACT offers this unique combination of up to 4 technologies in one system, to permit fast and effective body treatments with a visible results and incomparable comfort, in the treatment of:

  • Body Shaping & Tightening
  • Tissue Firming
  • Muscle Toning
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Detoxification

In addition, the Elits SLIM pACT is equipped with easy to use software with settings set to treat every imperfection and walk-throughs for maximum accuracy using ELITS exclusive ELITS work protocols.

Like every piece of ELITS equipment, the SLIM pACT is only and entirely Made in Italy.

elits Slim PACT

Download the SLIM pACT Technical Specification Sheet

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