Elits by Beehive Solutions cosmetic range

Most women, and a large proportion of men, use cosmetics on a daily basis.

Cosmetics are superficial rather than therapeutic agents. They are not sold over the counter the same as prescriptions with their role to improve the appearance. There is an incredible array of cosmetic products available and covers a wide range of products such as:

  • Make-up
  • Soap and body cleansers
  • Face masks, creams and lotions
  • Shampoos, oils and hair dyes
  • Hair removers
  • Polishes
  • Firming agents
  • Perfumes

To name but a few

Legislation is in place to make sure that all products are safe and have undergone the appropriate testing. 

The Elits by Beehive Solutions product range has been specially formulated and design to enhance aesthetic procedures with the miniecosmo system such as radiofrequency, transdermal, cavitation, photo-bio-stimulation and shock wave therapy. It is also used as part of the daily cosmetic routine. 

The products have been tested for their effectiveness which can be view here as this download. 

Why do the cosmetics enhance the procedures? 

Transdermal electroporation utilises a small electrical current to open up the cells in the skin. This allows products that have been specifically designed to enter the cells. When the electrical stimulation is stopped the products are left within the cells and thus enhance the effect. 

This can be done manually in the form of massaging the cosmetics into the skin but is obviously not as effective as doing it with the transdermal electroporation. 

What is the range of products available? 

Elits by Beehive solutions have specific amounts of active ingredients in order to obtain the best possible results for the given treatment. Each of the ranges are named after Italian Goddesses to “Discover the Divine Beauty” 

This can be seen in more detail by downloading our cosmetic line brochure but consists of:

For both Face and Body:

Rea basic- This is used for cleaning the skin and removing make-up and such like as well as face peels. All designed to prepare the skin for further treatments or as the last process at night. 

Astrea oxygenating – This is as the title says a range to increase the oxygen content of the skin which is vital for healthy skin, repairing the skin and the defence process. 

Face lines 

Teia anti-ageing- This is used for hydrating the skin and involves hyaluronic acid in order to keep water in the skin layers making it tense and firm. 

Selene Sensible skin- This is used for the sensitive skin containing horse chestnut and camomile extracts reducing the skin reaction to external influences like sun damage. 

Estia impure skin- This range is used to fight skin blemishes like acne.

Body lines

Talia slimming and draining – This helps the lipolysis process and skin draining so helps with the appearance of fat and cellulite.

Maia Firming –This uses specific products to stimulate the metabolism of the skin, reinforcing tone and elasticity and hence increases firmness of the body.

To find our more above the active ingredients involve please download our cosmetic line brochure and in order to see why the cosmetics are so effective please download our cosmetic testing download.

Remember you can use this as part of a treatment package or as a stand-alone cosmetic treatment.

You won’t be disappointed.