Transdermal Electroporation training

Transdermal therapy is an effective mechanism for opening the pores in the epidermis non-invasively for the delivery of nutrients below the level of the skin.

It is s similar effect to that achieved by the use of galvanic current, electro-therapy and iontophoresis, although all achieve the results through slightly different mechanisms. It is generally used around the face. 

To find out more about transdermal electroporation therapy, please read our information pages on transdermal.


Here at The Aesthetic Market, we have teamed up with one of the UK's leading Aesthetic teaching facilities to offer training to the:

  • Beauty industry, with a course recognised by Professional beauty direct and the guild of beauty therapists
  • Aesthetic and medical industry, with a course which leads to a diploma and CPD points for the clinician

The course qualifies you for CPD points and insurance cover; with course detail, spread over 6 units, including core knowledge behind the treatment, followed by extensive practical training to ensure that all our graduates are fully competent to safely and effectively perform Transdermal Electroporation treatments for Face and Body.

Pre-requisite: Medical Professionals or Aesthetic Practitioners with level-3 beauty (or level 2 with foundation course)

Available as

  • a 1 day, short course which will qualify you for insurance cover; for just £499     or
  • a Level 4 Accredited course for £999

In order to graduate, students will need to pass a final written examination to assess their knowledge and understanding, and to pass a practical observation performing the treatment in full, including client consultation and aftercare.

A diploma will be issued after completing the 1 day short course

For the Level 4 course; after completing the practical session, students will be asked to complete four case studies and a 5,000-word assignment in order to complete the course.  The price includes all the course materials, examinations, practical sessions and the accredited course certificate

Teaching material is provided after booking the course. For both  the short & accredited course, Students will be expected to have read full teaching manuals prior to course commencement.

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Background to Transdermal Electoporation:

Transdermal electroporation is the application of electrical pulses delivered to the skin through a hand piece that momentarily disrupts the cell membrane of the skin. This interruption of the membrane allows products to penetrate deeper in to the layers of the epidermis enhancing their results, increasing effectiveness and provider a thorough treatment to the client. An example of this could be in the treatment of skin rejuvenation where specific skin rejuvenation products or collagen stimulating products can be used. Once the electric stimulation is turned off these products are trapped inside which is what causes the much better end clinical results. 

The Aesthetic Market promotes a range of Transdermal systems. As an example, Please click here for the Miniecosmo which can be purchased as a stand-alone Transdermal system or combined with other modalities to create a multi-technology system.

Transdermal therapy is a great treatment on its own but can also be combined with other treatments to increase its effectiveness; For Example:  Radiofrequency can be applied for skin tightening after the use of transdermal therapy for facial aesthetics and non-surgical face lift. 

Transdermal Electroporation Therapy Course Cotent

  • core knowledge
  • Health and safety and data protection
  • Confidentiality, privacy
  • Hygiene and sterilisation
  • Equipment maintenance and set-up
  • Skin barrier and skin penetration
  • About transdermal and how it works
  • Conditions treated, advantages
  • Factors that affect results
  • Benefits and areas for treatment
  • Expectations
  • Combination treatments
  • Temperature guide and duration of treatments
  • Consultation, contra-indications, skin sensitivity, treatment times, safety, risk, side effects, recovery and after care
  • Treatment protocol
  • Live demo
  • Hands on 


You can book this course direct through the Aesthetic Market. If you book direct with the Academy; be sure you mention the Aesthetic Market to ensure you receive our discounted prices and any course-specific promotional benefit.

Remember we can also tie courses together to save you time and money.

A lot of our equipment already comes with this industry high-level of training: 
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