Non-Surgical Laser-Lipo training


Laser-lipo is sometimes also known as low-level light-therapy and has been around for many years with a large number of different products utilising laser-lipo effects, popular in aesthetic and beauty practices due to its relatively safe nature and effective results in visible inch loss to the treated areas.

Here at The Aesthetic Market we have teamed up with one of the leading UK aesthetic trainers to be able to provide this training to both the beauty industry, in a course recognised by Professional Beauty Direct, and the Aesthetic and medical industry, as the course leads to a Diploma for the clinician.

The course qualifies you for CPD points and insurance cover; with course detail, spread over 6 units, including core knowledge behind the treatment, followed by extensive practical training to ensure that all graduates are fully competent to safely and effectively perform Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), also known as laser lipo, treatments

Pre-requisite: Medical Professionals or Aesthetic Practitioners with level-3 beauty (or level 2 with foundation course)

Available as

  • a 1 day, short course which will qualify you for insurance cover; for just £399     or
  • a Level 4 Accredited course for £999

In order to graduate, students will need to pass a final written examination to assess their knowledge and understanding, and to pass a practical observation performing the treatment in full, including client consultation and aftercare.

A Diploma will be issued after completing the 1 day short course

For Level 4 courses; after completing the practical session, students will be asked to complete four case studies and a 5,000-word assignment in order to complete the course.  The price includes all the course materials, examinations, practical sessions and the accredited course certificate

Teaching material is provided after booking the course. For both  the short & accredited course, Students will be expected to have read full teaching manuals prior to course commencement.

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What will the course teach you?

Laser-Lipo treatment utilises visible red light, emitted by laser diodes. This laser light energy penetrates in the subcutaneous layers where our fat cells are located. The presence of the laser light changes the chemical balance with the fat cell opening the pores of the cell and allowing the contest to leak out into the surrounding interstitial space. At this point it is transported away by the lymphatic systems to be metabolised by the body and used as an energy source.

The process is totally non-invasive, pain free and safe and uses the body’s natural mechanisms to release stored fat for the body to turn into energy.

The client is expected to slightly change their lifestyle in respect to diet and exercise to complete this fat elimination process and achieve inch loss from the treatment area.

Laser-Lipo Course content:

  • core knowledge
  • Health and safety and data protection
  • Confidentiality, privacy
  • Hygiene and sterilisation
  • Equipment maintenance and set-up
  • Adipose tissue (fat), lymphatic system
  • Introduction into laser lipo and how it works, wavelength, power, energy, science and he process of removal
  • Exercise and diet
  • Benefits of laser lipo, application and treatment sites
  • Pre-treatment and post treatment
  • Consultation, contra-indications, skin sensitivity, treatment times, safety, risk, side effects, recovery and after careLi
  • ve demo
  • Combination treatments


You can book this course direct through the Aesthetic Market. If you book direct with the Academy; be sure you mention the Aesthetic Market to ensure you receive our discounted prices and any course-specific promotional benefit.

Remember, we can also tie courses together to save you time and money.

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Contact us at the Aesthetic Market for not only your training requirements, but also your equipment requirements.

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